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About the Author


First and foremost, Kelly Chileski a believer in and daughter of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. She is also a wife of over 20 years and homeschooling mother to two boys. She lives on Whidbey Island, Washington where she is involved with her church and the Classical Conversations homeschool community. From early on in childhood, she sensed a call to serve the Lord as a missionary. However, over the years she has learned that being a missionary is more than a vocation, but rather, a way of life. Though she has never served the Lord in the jungles of South America or the plains of Africa, she lives every day to serve Him where she is and with all she has. She was born in the high desert of New Mexico, grew up in the mountains of Northern California, has lived most of her married life on the islands of Washington, and had a grand 4-year adventure of living in a rural community nested between the badlands and mountains in Wyoming. She has an insatiable love for learning and also enjoys photography, any form of art, and the outdoors. She believes that every day is not only a gift from God, but an adventure as well. Her love for the Lord and creative imagination all converged when the Lord inspired her to write the Parepidimos Series.

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