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Traversing Truth

Book 1 of the Parepidimos Series

After losing his temper, high-jacking a bike, and getting injured in an accident, a young boy is sucked into another world and transformed into... a frog? Stripped of his own identity and given a new name, Puddlehop, discovers what it is to be a stranger – a parepidimos – in a land that is not his own.


Outwardly stained by the actions that brought him to the land of Icholexia, Puddlehop encounters the greatest enemy of all, Spyridon, whose “stained-ones” are his. Pursued by Spyridon, Puddlehop must confront his actions, beliefs, and fears as he seeks to find a way home and rid himself of his stain.

In the strange world of Icholexia, where nothing seems “normal” and travel from one country to the next is done through puddles, Puddlehop is joined by his brother, Liamleap, and his new faithful friend, Raya Sunshine. As trio embark on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams, they must each ask the question: What is truth? 


Join them on their adventure today! 

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Deceiving Decisions

Book 2 of the Parepidimos Series

Deceiving Decisions picks right up where Traversing Truth leaves off - on the strange Island of Kruptos. Hidden roads, a massive treehouse, a secret civilization, giant spiders, an army of leaf insects, the release of Radafnasag, and so much more take place in the 2nd book, which focuses on temptation and spiritual warfare. Can light be brought to such darkness?

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Searching for Soteria

Book 3 of the Parepidimos Series

The final book, Searching for Soteria, takes Puddlehop, Liamleap, Raya to many lands throughout Icholexia. Danger constantly nips at their heels. Surprise is around every corner. The beloved characters grow in faith as each learns what true love, mercy, and forgiveness means. What starts as a boy just wanting to get back home, ultimately impacts the entire world of Icholexia as he learns the most important lesson of all: by grace we are saved, and not by works.

Coming Soon....

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